5 Water Bottles for Every Fitness Lover

If you are someone who travels a lot, goes hiking, a yogi, or a gym enthusiast you may have to keep hydrated because roughly about 60 percent of our body is made up of water and you need to maintain the body’s fluid balance. Maintaining fluid levels help in digestion, maintaining body temperature etc. Perhaps the easiest way to remember to stay hydrated at all times is to carry a reusable water bottle with you. Studies have shown that people who drink more water while on a diet tend to lose more weight than people who keep their water consumption at minimal levels. Adequate hydration reduces the risks of a blood clot in your body that could jeopardize the oxygen supply and it also helps in keeping the blood pressure normal. Regular water consumption improves the skin texture and elasticity of the skin. Proper intake of water keeps the cartilage around the joints hydrated and soft which helps in smooth movement of your joints as water acts as a lubricant for your joints. So you should consider carrying a water bottle with you looking at all the benefits that come along with staying hydrated. Consider a shatterproof glass bottle instead of plastic bottles that are bad for the environment and leach chemicals into the water on being exposed to the sun or heat. Here are 5 types of water bottles that you as a fitness lover would love to use :

1.Hydaway 2.0 :

If you are someone who likes to hike or travel a lot, consider taking this with you. This silicone bottle folds down to over an inch tall and can easily fit inside your pocket or bag. It comes equipped with a cap lid, flip-up handle, and carbon filter disc and its BPA-free, non-toxic. Hydaway bottles are dishwasher safe and have a wide mouth opening for hand washing as well. Hydaway 2.0 comes with new carbon filters that remove taste and odors from your water and provide a more refreshing hydration experience. Hydaway bottles are more practical and portable and do not take unnecessary space in your bags. With its uniqueness, its fold up to 1.5 inches and can easily fit in your pocket on the go or in your bags not taking up unnecessary space. It is a planet-friendly bottle which makes hydration easy and fun. Hydaway bottles allow you to fill up on water and then collapse them and stash them. They are designed for when you need them, as well as when you don’t.


2.Glasstic :

You may like the taste and plastic-less benefits when it comes to using a glass bottle but your gym, hiking trails, schools, and colleges restrict the use of glass bottles because when they fall and break into a hundred pieces. Thanks to Glasstic, this two shelled bottle you can go back to using glass. The outer shell of the Glasstic bottles is covered with a special coating that makes it shatterproof, so if the bottle is dropped only the inner part breaks. Glasstic was made to be durable with an extra thick and protective outer layer around it for making it safer to use for everybody including kids. Glasstic allows you to stop using bottled water forever. With Glasstic you can recycle and reuse forever. Glasstic provides free replacement of broken parts to promote reuse and conservation. Due to the unique pattern and design of this glass bottle, it is allowed everywhere from yoga studios, gyms, schools, and many more. With Glasstic you need not compromise on the taste of your water and can use this glass bottle for better taste and experience. Since Glasstic bottles are made up of glass they are tolerant of high and low temperatures and do not leach any type of chemicals into the water.


3.Bindle Bottle :

If you are a frequent visitor to the beach or you don’t like to carry a bag to the gym this bottle is what you are looking for. Bindle bottle takes the role of a thirst quencher and it is a keeper of all things. With the bottom part unscrewing to hold small items like your keys, ID, money, etc. The steel dual-walled and vacuum-insulated construction keeps your hot or cold water at the right temperature for longer hours. Sip on top and stash at the bottom. The bindle bottle has a hidden-in-plain-sight waterproof storage compartment which could be used to store your essential items like your keys, ID, or cash. Bindle bottles will ensure that you will always stay hydrated, organized, and discreet. To innovate the perfect athleisure experience this 2-in-1 bottle is the right make for you to bring along anywhere, whether you are just working out or just cycling around town.


3.VitaJuwel :

Time to treat your yoga-going self? This glass bottle houses a natural crystal that claims to promote healthy living by distributing energy and pure water. VitaJuwel is the modern interpretation of old traditions. Many cultures vitalize their water with gemstones for a thousand years now and with VitaJuwel we have rediscovered this knowledge with a sophisticated approach. VitaJuwel is a worry-free solution to prepare crystal water without any pollutants.


5.Amphipod Hydraform Handheld :

Hydraform Handheld’s ergonomic configuration allows your hand to rest in a natural position eliminating hand cramping and tension. Amphipod Hydraform Handheld is the runner’s rejoice. This bottle if fully cushioned and breathable with a little pocket in it to keep your keys, money, or ID and you don’t have to be parched during your run or get a hand cramp by holding a bulky bottle. The quick-adjust strap allows for a custom fit. Hydraform Handheld is superior in ease of carrying around and it is BPA free so you need not worry about chemicals leaching into your water while you are on the move. The Hydraform Handheld is perfect for a marathon to filling the basic fluid and carrying basic requirements for your running.

amphipod handheld

Best Water Bottle For Summers

Summer is over the head, and the constant heat and sweat, almost a part of us now for few months. That is why keeping your body hydrated enough, more so ever during this time of the year is much a priority.

Whether you travel, or go hiking, in schools, at office, at home, anywhere and everywhere remaining hydrated enough is very important, as our body perspires and losses water at a higher rate due to excessive heat.

Advantages of staying hydrated:

The known facts of staying hydrated are well versed by all, but here are some informative and fun facts that you would want to know about water and its benefits:

  1. There is no universally agreed quantity of water that must be consumed daily.
  2. Dehydrated skin is more prone to skin disorders and wrinkling.
  3. Drinking water can help reduce weight
  4. It lubricates your joints
  5. Necessary to form saliva and mucus
  6. Pumps oxygen in all parts of the body
  7. Serves as a cushion for the spinal cord, brain nerves and sensitive tissues
  8. Maintains body heat and blood pressure
  9. Regulates digestion and mineral balance in your body
  10. Improves skin health and beauty.

How to stay hydrated enough:

The process of hydration can be made fun too, instead of sipping on water all day. You can use you own creativity to make some yummy mocktails and fruit juices that boosts the nutrition level in your body to greater extents.

Drinking enough amounts of water each day is paramount, however its not enough to provide your body that missing minerals and supplement of vitamins and sodium that improves the overall well-being.

Here’s what you can do, include glass of glucose water every day, as glucose will take care of the sugar levels in your body. Drink lemonade that is rich in citrus and sugar and salts all needed for your body.

Include fruit punches or mocktails or tender coconut water that are rich in sodium, vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium and folate.

Beat the heat of summers:

We all know that drinking at least 2-3 liters of water during this time of the year helps our body retain the necessary water balance and mineral intake, required for body functions.

Yet we sometimes lack the consciousness of carry water bottles with us everywhere so we could stay hydrated. Well ask travelers who well know the importance of carrying adequate water wherever they go.

So here is a detailed review on some of the best water bottles you should have for beating that heat during summers:

Insulated bottles:

well its not a secret that insulated bottles just serve the purpose too well, not only in summers but year-round. Its ability to keep fluids hot and cold for longer hours is efficient, although these bottles would weigh a little extra.

ipree® 1100ml outdoor portable vacuum insulated water bottle ...

These water bottles come in minimum sizes as larger sizes would create carrying issues due to its heavy design. However, they are much efficient in carrying hot tea as well as chilled water.

Glass water bottles:

eliminating the risks of plastic chemicals and metal tastes, glass bottles are super carriers for beating summer heat. Yet one needs to be conscious while carrying it due to its delicate design.

Glass Water Bottles with Swing Top Air Tight Lid - 1000ml (Set of ...

More so it would not hold temperatures of water for longer and adapt to surroundings. Also, it is not efficient enough to carry it with hot fluids and for a long travel.

Stainless steel bottles:

Sip for Change Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Sustainable tomorrow

Much low on cost and effective way of carrying water is with stainless steel bottles. These bottles are non-reactive and BPA free, and lightweight as compared to insulated once. Although if you do not need insulation, this choice is just enough to care for your needs.

Collapsible water bottles:

well these water bottles are just enough to cure your needs of short travel or one-time use. You can dispose these water bottles after one use, and they can be recycled not harming the nature too.

Foldable Water Bottle Collapsible | Shopee Malaysia

Such water bottles are optimum choices if you do not wish to jugg around with heavy loads of insulated bottles, and good for distant travels also.

Plastic water bottles:

the most primary and widely used water bottle that is perfect for housing and storing purposes. These water bottles are available in all shapes and sizes with flip caps and rotational once, in variant colors designs as well.

Buy Tupperware Plastic Water Bottle Set, 1 Litre, Set of 4 ...

Theses water bottles are safe and super handy enough to carry water and keep you hydrated all day long.


Benefits of staying hydrated and drinking tons of water in summers are many. But also, you can swag up the process by introducing some efficient cool, water bottles that serves you the purpose.

The ease of carrying water, in water bottles improves its portability and is much efficient. Although some of the points that you should check before buying one is to check whether its leak proof, not damaged and scratch resistant, does not condense the fluid, cost efficient etc.

Always buy from trusted brands only as they ensure all the safety measures and points during the manufacturing of water bottles. To maintain hygiene and health, replacing a water bottle every 6 months is a good practice and clean your water bottles every week.

So, you can just follow the few mentioned measures and tackle this summer season with staying health and hydrated.…

`Steel, Glass or Plastic Bottles: What is the best choice

Reusable bottles make it easy for us to stay hydrated on the go and the best way to keep healthy is staying hydrated throughout the day. So we need a way to keep hydrated and fill up during the day what’s better than using reusable bottles. Reusable bottles with new shapes, colors, and patterns offer us to make fashion and lifestyle statement and also cut down on the disposable plastic use. Carrying your water bottle to your meetings, gym, and even when traveling abroad makes it easy and has more sense than buying a single-use plastic bottle every time you feel thirsty or if you are in a new place. Now, you may be thinking about what is the better choice when it comes to choosing a reusable bottle whether its glass, steel, or plastic. Well each of the three materials carries their advantages and disadvantages. From manufacturing to usage it has its causes and impact on the environment but far more friendly than single usage bottles.

Steel :

Most metal water bottles are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel water bottles have a lot to offer in terms of not having things leach into the water.

Steel bottles are more durable when compared to both glass and plastic bottles and have a longer life. Steel bottles may be recycled as well which is not possible in the case of plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles help you to keep the water icy cold for a longer time than any other type of water bottle. When the bottles are made up of culinary material, lead-free steel you wont have to worry about chemicals leaching into the water. Steel water bottles have can be safely kept in contact with drinking water. Steel bottles also have the advantages of being shatterproof and durable to high temperatures. When choosing a steel water bottle you will have to be careful and check it thoroughly and make sure that steel is not only on the outer surface with plastic in the inner surface, you have to make sure that there is steel in the inner surface as well to keep your water from chemicals leaching into it and keeping it colder for longer time intervals.

On the con side some users report finding a taste of metal in their water which would be a result of using cheap quality steel inside the bottles. Steel bottles also tend to cost more when compared to glass or plastic bottles. If you are looking to buy a steel water bottle you may want to look for a lead-free, stainless marked grade bottle which indicates 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel contents in them.

Glass :

Glass bottles have been the choice of many people to store their food and liquids as things you eat or drink from glass vessels taste better. If taste and purity are your main concern you should be looking for glass bottles to keep your water fresh and tasty at all times. Glass bottles have flavor advantages and they are also chemical-free, easily washable, and recyclable. When buying glass bottles you may want to look for options made up of borosilicate as its stronger, lighter and can handle higher temperatures than typical glass. You may also want to make sure that your glass bottle is lead and cesium free. Glass bottles do not leach when left in the sun or heat and its a better option if you are going to stay outdoors for a longer time. Glass bottles are non-permeable and wont absorb color odor or taste and that is the reason why spirits and wine are stored in glass bottles because of the purity of taste. Glass bottles are made up of sand, limestone which would not degrade over time. They could also be used to store other liquids other than water without effecting the material or absorbing tastes and odor. Glass is 100 percent recyclable and could be recycled without loss in purity and quantity. Glass could be recycled in less than 30 days, unlike steel or plastic which are more time consuming or not recyclable at all.

The disadvantage of glass bottles is that they are could be shattered easily and are very fragile. Glass bottles tend to cost more too when compared to stainless steel or plastic bottles. Many public places like gyms, hiking trails, schools/colleges, and other venues often restrict the use of glass bottles because of their fragility.

Plastic :

Plastic water bottles weigh less making them a natural choice when you are on the go. Plastic bottles also tend to cost less when compared to stainless steel or glass bottles. Plastic bottles had a negative past for containing Bisphenol-A (BPA) a chemical that causes cancer but fortunately companies nowadays are producing BPA-free bottles since 2010. Plastic bottles are considered more when compared to glass because they are shattered proof and don’t break on falling and they also weigh less when compared to glass bottles. Also plastic bottles come in different shapes, sizes, and colors which an attention seeker in today’s market. The tough build of the plastic bottles makes it easier to pack and move not worrying about them breaking into pieces. Manufacturing plastic bottles take up less energy as they have lower melting points when compared to glass or steel.

On the other hand, there are several cons of using plastic bottles starting from them not being recyclable and they can not be disposed of without being harmful to the environment. Plastic bottles have chemicals like Bisphenol-A(BPA), Phthalates, and many others which can cause serious health problems like cancer. Bottles made up of plastic leach chemicals in the water when exposed to the sun or heat or when the bottle turns old.

Concluding I would advise you to go with stainless steel or aluminum bottles which are more durable and protective when compared to glass or plastic bottles. Steel bottles also keep the water cold just the way you like it to be on a summer afternoon when the sun is soaring hot above your head and it keeps water colder for longer time intervals when compared to glass or plastic bottles, steel bottles are more durable too and can withstand high temperatures with leaching chemicals into the water.…


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