We are the splendidly blonde and often outrageous fashionista mixologist sisters Flannery and Katherine Good.  We are a Fashion Expert and a former NYC Bartender, respectively.  We create all of our delicious cocktail recipes ourselves from scratch and then show our readers how to make them and what to wear while drinking them!  We blog from sunny Fresno, California and travel to both Los Angeles and San Francisco regularly.  Feel free to contact us at: goodgirls@fashionablybombed.com

Q: Are you twins? (Most often asked by the elderly, sleazy dudes at clubs and elderly sleazy dudes at clubs)
Flannery: "Yes!"
Katherine: "No."

Q: Who does the photography on your blog?
A: Katherine takes all of the cocktail photos with a Canon Rebel T2i.  With the exception of a few special posts, we do all of our fashion photo shoots ourselves by setting up the camera and turning on the self-timer!

Q: Who styles your videos and photo shoots?
A: We do! Styling is something that comes naturally to us. In fact, the first time someone asked us that question we didn't understand what they meant! We just know what looks good and what doesn't. It's probably genetic.

Q: Who does the writing on the blog?
A: Flannery is the resident writer. She is, after all, named after Flannery O'Connor! HA!

Q: Who does the graphic design work on the blog?
A: Katherine is the resident graphic designer. She designs all of our blog posts and edits all of our photos with Photoshop.

Q: Who films and edits your videos?
A: We produce, direct and star in all of our videos.  In the beginning it was just us, a camera, a tripod and a pirated copy of Final Cut. Sometimes our mom would help with the filming if we asked nicely, in fact you can hear her laughing in the background of our Partridge in a Pear-tini video.  Now we have addtional help with camera work and editing.

Q: What are your full-time jobs?
A: We work on Fashionably Bombed full-time. Besides creating original content for the blog, we do mixology consulting, teach cocktail-making classes, and do fashion and cocktail collaborations.

Q: What did you do before Fashionably Bombed?
A: We sat around with sad faces wishing someone would create a blog that combined cocktails and fashion. But seriously...Katherine was a bartender, a Hip-Hop and Bhangra DJ (DJ Kathbombay) and a Hindi professor at Yale University. Flannery was a pharmaceutical sales rep, a fashion stylist and a reality TV star in Norway. Yes, we're serious.

Q: Do you guys get "Bombed" on the job? (This really is the MOST frequently asked question!)
A: Our blog is our business so we wait until the workday is done to hit the sauce. However, on recipe-testing days things do tend to get a little wild in the cocktail lab, we can't lie!

Q: How do you guys come up with all of your crazy drink ideas?
A: We think about Fashionably Bombed all day, every day even when we're trying not to. We can't help it, we freakin' LOVE it! Everything that we see, do, taste and hear becomes an idea for a new cocktail, photo shoot or video. Honestly, we drive everybody around us crazy because we can't stop talking about the blog, or as our grandpa calls it, "The blob".

Q: How do you guys stay skinny drinking all those cocktails?
A: We would like to say that we work out regularly and only eat healthy food, but that would be a big fat lie! We do eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, however.

Q: What three things do you always have in your refrigerator?
Flannery: "Mayonnaise (just to gross Katherine out), Tapatio and Coca-Cola"
Katherine: "Kale, aam ka achar (mango pickle), and club soda (for mojitos & homemade sodas)"
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