Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to L.A.!

It’s me, Katherine!  As I'm sure you've heard, I recently moved to L.A and (aside from Carmageddon 2 ;) I’ve been enjoying every moment of it!

There is just soooo much to explore in LA, from the beaches in Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, to Silver Lake, Echo Park and Downtown LA!  Everywhere I turn I see so many new potential Fashionably Bombed photo shoot sites!

I’ve also been exploring new restaurants and new shopping spots (like this shop filled witpiñatas in Downtown LA).  And between working in the entertainment industry and driving through L.A. traffic, I've even had some time to make new friends and dj at few local spots!  I’ve also just started taking a Neon Class in Downtown LA (more on that later!)  Anyhow, it’s all brand new to me and I can’t wait to keep sharing my explorations with you!

1 comment:

  1. How exciting! I hope you love LA, I'm so glad I'm in San Diego...close enough to visit but don't have to deal with the traffic.


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