Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taste Test Tuesday: Larabars!

So these aren't exactly candy, more like hippie candy, but they're really good and very healthy! Although we do love our candy and cocktails, we get excited when we find something tasty that has so few ingredients. Most Larabar flavors only contain things like nuts and dried fruit. Now these aren't as colorful or as exciting as most of our Taste Test Tuesday finds, but we've been eating them for years now and thought Earth Day week would be the perfect time to reveal our inner "hippies"! Peace!

Banana Bread: It's got a striking resemblence to the real thing! Yum!
Cherry Pie: We're not going to tell you that this actually tastes like a slice of cherry pie, but it's pretty damn good, nonetheless! This one is probably our favorite flavor!
Key Lime Pie: Again, the whole pie thing is a bit of a stretch, but the lime juice and coconut make this another really tasty flavor!
Lemon Bar: This one is probably our least favorite flavor, although it's still pretty good.  There's just something about the lemon flavor that isn't quite right...
Tropical Fruit Bar: This one should be called PiƱa Colada! It's got all of those good island flavors like coconut and pineapple.  It just needs a little rum!

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