Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taste Test Tuesday: Japanese Candy!

Well we did it, we realized a childhood dream this weekend. We walked through the candy aisle of our favorite Asian grocery store and bought one of everything that looked like fun! We tried Hello Kitty hard candies, Botan Rice Candy, gum that doubles as a whistle, Green Tea flavored Kit Kats and best of all...Pepsi flavored gumballs! The one let down? The pretty pink bag that looked like it was full of chocolate shavings, but was actually full of dried seaweed- GROSS! Why was that in the candy aisle??? 

We had so much fun working on this project that we highly recommend doing an Asian candy taste test of your own! Coming next time: Indian sodas!

1 comment:

  1. Those Japanese candies are cute and they look so unique. After all the dental procedures I had with my LA dentist, I doubt if I could still afford to spoil myself with candies. But those ones are just irresistable.


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