Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drink This, Wear That: Talk Nerdy to Me

We may be all glamorous and sparkly now, but trust us, we've had our nerdy moments! There are lots of different kinds of nerds and being named after Flannery O'Connor and Katherine Anne Porter, I guess we were destined to be literary nerds. Although Flannery was a math major for awhile (and still gets excited when solving equations) and Katherine speaks 8 languages (and counting), literary nerdiness is kind of in our blood as daughters of an English professor and whiskey connoisseur. And during our undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, we had our fair share of "deep" conversations around a bottle of some obscure hand-crafted whiskey. There, we've confessed, we feel so much better now... Do join the nerd herd and try Stranahans amazingly smooth Rocky Mountain concoction! And don't forget your ironic hot pink glasses necklace by Kidviskous, because what else would you wear while imbibing a tall glass of nerd juice?

1 comment:

  1. I am a complete nerd! Just a cute one who plays well with others. I even ventured into geek world while majoring in 2d/3d animation in college....but as I choose to be a jewelry designer instead of video game coder, I lost that badge. Eh, I'd rather be a nerd anyway...the books are better!


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