Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Pixie Sticks!

Step #1: Gather ingredients: 1 teaspoon citric acid, 2/3 cup freeze dried raspberries, 3 tablespoons sugar and paper straws (we got our straws at the fabulous Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice!)
Step #2:  Make your nails as festive as your pixie sticks are going to be! (Similar colors here and here!)
Step #3: Adorn your hand with an obnoxiously colorful ring! (Similar one here!)
Step #4: Add ingredients to a food processor.
Step #5: Whiz it around until it's well blended.
Step #6: Fold over one end of the straw.
Step #7: Using a tiny funnel, or a piece of paper made into a funnel, pour candy into straw.
Step #8:  Move over Willy Wonka! 

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