Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drink This, Wear That: The Post-Valentine's Day Edition

Anyone else getting nauseous staring at that empty red box that was once full of Valentine's Day chocolates? Are those red roses starting to wilt? Got pink and red overload??? We feel ya'! That's why this week's Drink This, Wear That post is dedicated to the anti-Valentine's Day color- Black!!! We haven't tried Dr. McGillicuddy's Black Licorice Schnapps, and frankly, we're not sure want to, but the bottle is about as opposite as pink champagne as you can get!  Oh, and this black dress by Alice + Olivia says, "I'm ready for a wild night out on the town with no one in particular!"  And those Valentino heels? Well they're just about as badass as lace shoes can get!

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