Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drink This, Wear That: National Margarita Day!

Well it looks like we really did it this time... How could WE, of all people, miss National Margarita Day??? Apparently it was yesterday! Oh well, in our world every day is National Margarita Day! So we're choosing to celebrate it today by featuring one of our all-time favorite creations, our Peach & Black Pepper Margarita. It sounds a little wild, but if you haven't tried it yet, you're seriously missing out! It is SOOOOO tasty! And speaking of tasty, this slinky orange number by Lanvin and these Pop Orange Patent heels by Diane Von Furstenburg aren't too shabby either!


  1. Have you tried frozen cocktails from Perth? I love the flavors that they offer. Do you have a recipe of Peach & Black Pepper margarita? I want practice mixing different flavors of margarita because I want to work as a part-time bartender for extra income.

  2. Now that margarita looks yummy! I wonder how much will I pay for if I asked it to be shipped in my friend's home, as a part of the surprise party I'm organizing. I think, some cocktail would be of great help in this time.


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