Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taste Test Tuesday: Voli Vodka

Although we are far from calorie counters, (Hellooooooooo! We make candy cocktails and garnish them with more candy!) we thought we would taste test some low calorie vodka samples in honor of New Year's Resolutions everywhere!


Voli Lyte: To be totally honest, we don't ever drink straight vodka. We're mixologists! But if you're counting calories, this is a good choice because it doesn't taste much different from regular vodka.
Orange Vanilla Fusion: We both agreed that this one is super tasty! It tastes like a 50/50 bar, and who doesn't like that???
Raspberry Cocoa Fusion: We both liked this one and thought it would be nice on the rocks with soda water.
Espresso Vanilla Fusion: Katherine liked this flavor and thought it would be a great addition to a White Russian, while Flannery isn't big on anything coffee flavored.
Voli Lemon: WOW! Have you ever had a glass of Lemon Scented Mr. Clean? Yeah, that's kinda what this tastes like...
So there you have it! Your special Low-Cal edition of Taste-Test Tuesday!


  1. The lemon flavor is actually my absolute favorite!! I put it with soda and fresh lemon slices and you don't even taste the vodka!! PLUS no hangover!!

    Thanks for posting! I've been a fan of this vodka for a while!

  2. Wow really - Loved the Lemon Flavor - had it with Sprite and a lemon slice - YUMMY

    Voli is perfect is trying to keep calories down!

  3. I really love this stuff, its awesome!!

  4. Yeah all these are amazing mixers for cocktails. Did you know Fergie owns voli now? Which is perfect because she is healthy and active, but can still have fun at night:)

  5. If you don't like coffee, then their espresso vanilla is def. not for you; but if you're a coffee lover like me then...wow it's yummy. I like to put a jigger into a chilled espresso then drop in a couple frozen espresso beans. It's a beautiful and delish martini (I actually out it in a glass that looks more like a snifter). Funny you didn't like the lemon. That's recently become my go to. To my nose and palette, it's like fresh sliced lemon. But each to her own! Cheers!

  6. Women love sweet drinks with smooth and mellow taste and this frozen margarita here makes some pretty darn good ones!

  7. If you like something with a "fruity" after taste then you should try some citrus fruit based liquor; I recently tasted this best lemon vodka ever. I was hooked my very first sip.


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