Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of 2011: Favorite DIY Project

2011 has been one seriously fabulous year! We're celebrating it all week with our "Best of 2011" series!

Favorite DIY Project: You all know us pretty well by now, and if there's one ingredient that we love more than any other it's...bubblegum! We've made tons of bubblegum infused cocktails, but this time we got to wear the bubblegum!

Bubblegum Necklace

Step #1: Put on a pretty, sparkly ring like this rhinestone bow by Betsey Johnson!
Step #2: Wrap your arms in bubblegum bracelets (This was our first bubblegum jewelry-making attempt inspired by Formal Fringe!)
Step #3: Select a fun, brightly colored ribbon
Step #4: Cut a piece about double the length that you want your necklace to be
Step #5: Tie a knot near the end of the ribbon
Step #6: Gently poke holes in both ends of the gumball with a metal skewer (put gumballs in microwave for a few seconds to soften them)
Step #7: Thread a large tapestry needle with your ribbon
Step #8: Pull your ribbon through both holes in the gumball
Step #9: Tie a knot on the other side of the gumball
Step #10: Continue the process until it's as long as you want it!

PS: Graybee loves her new bubblegum collar!  (Don't worry, we took it off right after the photo was taken!)

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  1. You guys are ADORABLE!! I LOVE your blog!! I discovered it through Gojee.com while writing a post for my blog (blondevivant.com) on champagne cocktails. SO friggin' happy I discovered you!

    <3 Kate


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