Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drink This, Wear That: Jersey Shore Edition!

Today's post is dedicated to a guilty little pleasure of ours called The Jersey Shore.  And since tonight just  happens to be the Season 4 premeire, we had to do a special Drink This, Wear That post to celebrate!  We heard that this season was actually filmed in Italy, so we cracked open a bottle of Campari, our favorite Italian liqueur.  We just love that gorgeous red bottle and distinctively Italian bitter flavor!  So what do you wear while drinking Campari?  We dreamed up a little combo that combines a touch of Jersey Shore with a whole lot of Fashionably Bombed Girls lounging on the Italian Riviera!  We can just picture ourselves on a some rich Italian dude's yacht wearing this wild romper by Camilla, and chic striped hat by ASOS while sipping on a Jersey Shore Champagne Cocktail!

Oh...and remember this photo shoot??? 

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