Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Giveaway!!!

We are all about "Do It Yourself" when it comes to cocktails!  So we're starting a new weekly feature where we empower you to let your DIY flag fly!  We're teaching you mad skillzzzzz like how to make your own flavored liquors (let's be honest, the world needs more bubblegum-infused vodka), simple syrups, and garnishes even!  And to officially kick it off, we're doing a...wait for it...GIVEAWAY!  Marcia Simmons and Jonas Halpren of Drink of the Week have written a fabulous book appropriately called DIY Cocktails and they want to give YOU a copy!  Full of gorgeous photos, this book teaches you how to invent your own signature draaaaank!  All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell us how you make your favorite DIY cocktail.  Oh, and bonus points if you post a picture of it up on our Facebook page!  OK...Ready? Go!
The winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 19th!  Bonne chance!


  1. That photo is absolutely amazing!

  2. Thanks Alexa! Credit has to be given to Katherine, our resident photographer AND graphic designer!!!

  3. I make my DIY cocktails with a jigger of sassypantness, a shot of goofballishness , a muddled concoction of hooting laughter + devil-may-care mindset, toss in a few verses of "Whoop-der-it-iz!" and I usually finish by exclaiming loudly "BOTTOMS UP!" (cuz I teach yoga and we're often found bottoms up!) :)

  4. How do I make my DIY cocktails? With LOTS of taste testing of course! :)

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  7. A mutual friend was talking about Marcia's book premise and it inspired me to try this: Soak hop pellets in agave syrup and strain, add one part to nine parts bourbon over ice. Tasty.

  8. Ummmm. Pretty sure you created this giveaway for me specifically! My most recent DIY cocktail was a blended cantaloup mojito:

    1 Cup fresh cut cantaloup
    1/2 Cup fresh mint
    4 full shots of Bacardi Silver (don't judge. I like my dranks strong)
    2 Cups ice
    2 Tbs mint infused simple syrup

    Put all ingredients in blender and whirl it around until everything is well blended. Pour in a tall glass with a floater of club soda. Drink until you can dance salsa well.




  9. My Blue Flamingo is pretty simple.. just a good white rum , a dash of Island Punch Pucker for the Blue color & triple sec. Shake,shake, shake & strain into a Flamingo Martini glass!

  10. Loving the responses! Keep 'em coming!!!

  11. Mine is called The Sexy Librarian:

    2 oz lychee-infused vodka
    2 oz pineapple juice
    1 oz cranberry juice
    1 tbsp Cointreau

    Shake and serve in a chilled cocktail glass, garnish only with your lips.

    How to infuse your vodka:
    Start with a medium- to high-quality vodka. (The Kirkland brand from Costco is surprisingly good and you can get a toddler-sized bottle for a good price.) Fill a 12 or 16 oz Ball jar halfway with peeled lychee and pour to cover with vodka. Store in a cool, dark place for two weeks. Remove fruit and store vodka in freezer.

    When it's all done, try eating a lychee by itself if you can stand it--basically all of the water in the fruit is exchanged for vodka, so you know what that means. Also, if you're like me, you've been pronouncing it "lie-chee." When the hippie at Whole Foods corrects you ("it's actually 'lee-chee'") you can tell him your librarian said it may be pronounced either way (see http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lychee). :)

  12. Pinktastic Cocktail
    1 1/2 oz Chambord Flavored Vodka
    1/2 oz Chambord Liqueur
    2oz Pineapple Juice
    add ice and strain into pretty glass, garnish with fruit

  13. I do not have a great drink to share, that's why I need the DIY Cocktails Book! :D

  14. How I make my favorite Cocktail? Is at 6:30 PM everynight at Dinner!

    This book would be the bomb at my 8th Annual Viva La Fiesta Party ~ 100+ famila y amigos!

  15. Ok, I'll call this cocktail my Summer Smash:
    1 1/2 oz Plymouth Gin
    1 1/2 oz lime juice
    1 oz St-Germain
    1/2 oz agave syrup
    2-3 strawberries
    4-5 mint leaves

    Muddle strawberries and mint in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, as well as lime juice, gin, St-Germain and agave. Shake well, strain into a small glass with ice. And enjoy!


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