Friday, May 20, 2011

Palm Springs Getaway!

As you know, we took a jaunt down to the desert recently and met some UH-mazingly fabulous ladies for a big giant girlie slumber party!  We made Fabulosi-tinis, did a Dynasty-inspired photo shoot, and lounged around the über chic Parker hotel! 

Special thanks to Alison for the festive photos!

You know you want to go visit our fabulous new friends:

Alissa Swedlow -
Alison Rubke -
Amanda Halbrook -
Arin Robinson & Jessie Zinke -
Bri Emery -
Catherine Sheppard-
Erin De Jauregui-
Jacey Cosentino -
Jamie Brooks & Janel Castellanos -
Jaime Coulter, Jen Gotch & Kelly Edmonson -
Jessica Marx -
Joy Deangdeelery Cho -
Kelly Lilien -
Sarah Yates -

P.S. - If we missed anyone, let us know!


  1. FUN! that drink sounds soo yummy and looks incredible! xoxo

  2. DELICIOUS cocktail! I'm going to try and make it on my own {though it's more fun with you two!}

  3. So much fabulousness all in one post, I can hardly contain my excitement!! Cheers to you lovely ladies!!


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