Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

You've seen our Flower Bomb cocktail, so you know what to drink on Mother's Day, but what should you wear???  Well you'll be one haute mama in this sexy silk dress by 1. Dolce & Gabbana!   And what would make the dress EVEN better?  A 2. Bando flower pouf!  Speaking of flower poufs, how chic is the label on this 3. Lotus vodka bottle?  And yet ANOTHER flower pouf??? Yes!  It's the Date Night ring by 4. Kate Spade!  Now if you've been following our blog religiously (as you should be), you know that we have the hots for 5. Nielsen-Massey Rose Water.  Not only is it in our Flower Bomb cocktail, it's also a key ingredient in our Moroccan Mojito, and in our Guns N' Rose Water Mojito.  We love the gorgeous label just as much as we love that crazy intense rose flavor!  And speaking of crazy intense!  Is this 6. Dorothy Perkins necklace a statement piece or what?  What is the statement?  A garden just exploded on my neck!  DEAL WITH IT!  And last, but certainly not least, the 7. perfume that inspired the cocktail!  Happy Mother's Day Ladies!


  1. I'm obsessed with the Bando accessories, but have yet to get any. I'm slackin I know haha. I'll have to check out the V&R perfume too, I've been seeing it pop up a lot lately.
    Hope you ladies have a great day with your mom. xoxo

  2. I like these product features. FUN!


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