Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrity Interview with Ciara Serumgard of Ciara Creates

We met jewelry designer Ciara Serumgard  when she moved into her beautiful Spanish style home in Central California.  Fortunately it just happened to literally be down the street from Flannery's house and the three of us became instant friends!  We bonded over our love of fashion and, of course, her bold, colorful jewelry!

Fashionably Bombed: First of all, your jewelry is GAWGEOUS!!! Please tell us how you got started!
Ciara Serumgard: I started designing jewelry 8 years ago. I clipped out the crowning piece from a sculpture I made from drift wood, wire and my grandmother's gems and wore it as a pendant.

FB: OK, very important question: What's your favorite cocktail? Do you have a signature "Ciara Special" cocktail that you make? If so, what's in it?
CS: If I'm not drinking a full-bodied and rich Cab, it would definitely be a Coco Lychee Martini!  To make one: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the cream of coconut, vodka and rum and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass, drop in a lychee, then garnish with a pinch of cinnamon.
FB:  That sounds very tasty!  We'll definitely have to try one!

FB:  We'd love to film an episode of Fashionably Bombed in your home country, The Philippines! What cocktails are popular there? Also, are there any traditional Filipino cocktails?
CS:  We'd love to have the fabulous Fashionably Bombed sisters over! Villa Escudero, the heritage resort of the Philippines, has Lambanita, a margarita made out of lambanog (coconut vodka).

FB:  So let's get serious, what bars and clubs should we hit up once the plane lands in Manila? We'll need a drink after that flight!
CS:  My favorite hotspot is Martinis at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel!  Aside from its tempting martini menu, it's the place to go for live jazz.  We can leave the gentlemen at Kipling's which is right beside it.  It specializes in single malt whiskies and fine cigars.  Other fun spots are The Establishment at the Fort and Fez at Serendra.
FB:  We just booked our flights!

FB:  Like us, you're big into fashion! Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
CS:  I patronize Filipino designers-- Joey Samson for tailored jackets, Ivar Aseron and John Herrera for
gowns and cocktail dresses, Patty Eustaquio for charmingly eccentric tops. Only Inno Caluza for
made-to-order jeans. Of course, we are very proud of our very own Monique Lhuiller and Bea Valdes.

FB:  If you were going to create a Fashionably Bombed jewelry line, using us as your inspiration, what would the pieces look like?
CS:  Gems in the shade of lemon and lime!
FB:  Tasty!  You could call it your Fashionably Bombed Mojito Collection!

FB:  What's your funniest drunken moment? (If you can remember it!)
CS:  After rounds of long island iced tea, I showed up at a boy's hotel room! A year and a half later, I married him!

You can see us wearing two of Ciara's amazing pieces in our Halloween episode:

Special thanks to Ciara! 

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