Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kampai-Eyed Champagne Cocktail

So here's the story: Katherine bought Flannery a bottle of Midori as a "Yay!  You finally moved out of Mom and Dad's house, now I can have your old room!" gift over 10 years ago, and it's been sitting in the liquor cabinet ever since...UNTIL NOW!  Yeah the bottle was crusty and hard to open, and yeah it probably wasn't super fresh, but DUDE!  Better late than never!
Konichiwa! (Roughly translated it means, "BOOYAH!" in Japanese)

Kampai-Eyed Champagne Cocktail

Makes 1

1 ounce Midori
½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
Small pinch of wasabi powder (optional)
Maraschino cherry

To a champagne flute add Midori, lemon juice and wasabi. Top with champagne and gently stir. Add a maraschino cherry.  Kampai!

The Iron Cocktail Chef's Secret Ingredient

Although we aren't part Japanese (people do think our mom looks half) and we haven't been to Japan yet, we love Japanese style and art and food! We love that as a culture they stress the importance of beauty in their environment - things should be functional and beautiful!  That's what we're ALWAYS saying!  And early on, our mom taught us that, "Life is too short for ugliness!"  So on that note, here are some fabulous Japanese-inspired ensembles to get you in the mood!
Christian Dior Spring 2007
 And who are these little darlings?  Why that's us with our mum circa 1985!
Flannery, Yolanda and Katherine

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  1. Aw, heck. I, too, had an old bottle of crusty-topped Midori in the back of my cupboard. Finally tossed it a few weeks back 'cuz I couldn't really be bothered to find a recipe for it. Now I find this. I absolutely love both champagne and the bite of wasabi. Do I dare buy a new bottle...?


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