Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cocktail #9- Rudolph Royale

We, here at Fashionably Bombed, have recently fallen in LOVE with a blog called Mrs. Lilien!  There are no words to descibe the beauty of this blog!  Reading it whisks you away to a land where everyone and everything is rich and beautiful!  Which we (cue Oprah voice) "LOOOOOOOOVE!!!"  All we can say is that it is just SOOOOO Fashionably Bombed!!!  She describes her blog as "an eye-candy showcase devoted to the pursuit of visual brilliance" and we couldn't agree more!  So imagine our delight when she suggested a collaboration!  Seriously, we just about fainted!  A few smelling salts later and Voilà! we present to you, our chic little collaboration creation...

Click here for a printable recipe card!


  1. I've recently fallen in love with Mrs. Lilien's blog too! Yours is also wonderful! I just love your logo. I'm a new follower who can't wait to keep reading more of your posts. Happy holidays and great job on the collaboration!

  2. Great post! Great blog! Cheers!!


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