Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dia de los Muertos "Vampiro" Cocktail

Today is the second day of Dia de los Muertos, Mexico's festive celebration of the dead. The first day is for the children, the second day is for the adults, and it usually involves lots of cocktails! Hello! Or should we say "Hola!" In this episode we show you how to make the Vampiro cocktail, which received mixed reviews on the Fashionably Bombed set...But we'll let YOU be the judge!

On Katherine: Top by Oboe, Ring by Betsey Johnson
On Flannery: Top by BCBG


Makes 1

2½ oz. tomato juice
1 oz. freshly squeezed orange juice
1 oz. tequila
½ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
½ jalapeƱo, roughly chopped
½ teaspoon honey
2-3 drops Worcestershire sauce
Kosher salt for rim of glass

Add all ingredients to shaker. Add ice and shake. Rub glass rim with lime and dip into kosher salt. Enjoy???


  1. I am laughing so hard I'm crying!!! I think I'll skip this recipe...

  2. This is the cocktail of choice for my parents' generation at weddings in Mexico--they're the last of the sophisticated adults (think Madmen era). I actually like the Vampiro, but it's an acquired taste and not for everyone.

  3. We actually had delicious Vampiros while vacationing in Zacatecas, unfortunately they didn't turn out quite as well when we made them at home! We'll definitely have to try again! Cheers!

  4. It's vey delicious. My family love it so much. Thank you for a wonderful juice recipe


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