Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashionably Bombed in Zacatecas, Mexico

As you may have heard, "We're Mexican! Deal with it!" and in order to get in touch with our roots, we recently took a family trip with our grandfather to his homeland, Zacatecas, Mexico. The trip inspired us on many levels, but as always, we had fashion & cocktails on the brain!

The motley crew! The only flights from LAX to Zacatecas arrived at 6am!

Rooftop view from the hotel

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Emporio in downtown Zacatecas and all of our rooms had balconies overlooking the Zócalo!

We wore our twin outfits all over the city and made many a head turn! We were even interviewed by the local newspaper!

The fumes from our taxi almost made us pass out, proving that you should never leave home without a pashmina!

The church our ancestors built (Plateros, Mexico)

Katherine's favorite part of the trip- Paletas (Mexican popsicles)!  We had to stop at every paletería so she could check all out all of the different flavors. PS: Note that her hoodie is covered in ice cream confections!

Flannery and Grandpa toasting to a successful trip!  (Flannery is drinking a Vampiro, which we will be making on an upcoming episode!)


  1. Woow You guys totally rock! this is one of my fave blogs ever! and I adore the fact that you´re mexican, like me ;) i do live here pretty close to Zacatecas actually...
    there are sooooo many drink recepies!

  2. wooow!! Zacatecas seem's like aplace I would love to live in, It's just so beautiful the streets, buildings, churches, Everything just looks spectacular, I love the photo on the balconi it just looks so wounderful. WOW I just love it maybe someday I should visite to and get a big taste of beautiful Zacatecas.!!!!!!!

  3. How beautiful is that!!!wow i have to say that you guys rocked. Zaccatecas so wounderful, beautiful wow!!i cant belive it!!!!!

  4. When I first so this Blog a got so much attention of this place in the photos, it looks espectacular. I did some research on Zacatecas and found out that its located in a countrie named Mexico, Zacatecas its a state and has beautiful Spanis buildings form colinial era. Zacatecas its reach in menieral and that lead Spanish to populate there. Zacatecas is truely a small state with such a hugh richness in culture and history. Thank guys for posting such amizing photos this now my fourth I visite Zacatecas and I just loved I have fallen in love with it of its people and culture, bulding, little villages and most important there delicious gastronomi.!!!!!!.....<BZACATECAS<B

  5. Amaizing photos, I'm too from Zacatecas Capital and I must say that I was very surprised when I saw such wounderful images, it just takes me back to when I was a child back in old countrie in Zacatecas, specially the popcicles. I remember walking around on a nice super hot day with my ice cream in a central street in downtown Zacatecas looking around at all the amaizing buildings. Thak you guys, you too really rocked in those photos so fashionable and clssical in Zacatecas. When I looked at them I though maybe its some European's in Sapin, Portugal or Italy but now that I looked at them closely I saw familiar buildings and places I those popcilcles look amaizingly delicious mmmmm!!

  6. Espectacular-os a se tornar seu Blog. I foi surpreendido com essas fotos tão extraordinária, espero que no futuro pôr mais blogs com imagens, como estas. EU iria amor para viajar este lugar chamado a Zacatecas, adulto todos os que, para o meu eu a minha namorada, a paresido agradável. Seu blog ROCK'S!

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